why is windows 11 better for gaming

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  • How Windows 11 will affect PC gamers?

  • You may find the following features in Windows 11 attractive as a PC gamer: Auto HDR: this feature is already added to Xbox Series X/S and your games will look better and more colorful with it. Your visuals of games will be modified to a higher dynamic range by the Auto HDR feature, giving the image more depth and richer colours.

  • Is windows 11 a great OS for gaming?

  • Microsoft Says, Yes, Windows 11 Is a Great Gaming OS… With Windows 11, Microsoft is making an open invitation to gamers to upgrade, even going so far as to say that if you’re a gamer, Windows 11 was made for you and calling Windows 11 the best Windows for gaming ever.

  • Does Windows 11 support Xbox Game Pass on PC?

  • Windows 11 is also deeply integrated with the Xbox app, meaning that users will be able to enjoy Xbox Game Pass titles on your PC if you have a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, as well as access to Xbox Cloud Gaming to play their favorite Xbox titles (that are not available in PC).

  • Does Windows 11鈥檚 virtualization affect gaming performance?

  • It鈥檚 an option in Windows 10 to allow companies to better lock down corporate PCs, but in Windows 11 it鈥檒l be enabled by default. But virtualization takes up hardware resources, and according to PC Gamer that translates into a negative impact on game performance.

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