why is it called neebs gaming

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  • What games do Neebs Gaming play?

  • Welcome to Neebs Gaming the best game play, tips and tricks youtube video gaming channel in the world. We play Battlefield 4, GTA, Minecraft, and other new releases. If you like video games and world peace come join the party. Check out our latest video below!

  • Who is Neebs?

  • Brent Triplett 鈥?(Neebs) is best known for the amazingly tall tree he built in Minecraft. However Brent has known many careers in his life before suckering several friends into creating what is now known as Neebs Gaming.

  • What are some games where Neebs can’t land?

  • Kaizo Trap: Neebs gets to the bottom of ‘Balcony Terror’ in Happy Wheels, but the ground is so littered with corpses that he can’t land and win. Neebs: I should be winning right now! Killer Cop: Appsro’s Rage Cop series, in which he plays a cop who goes from brtually enforcing the law to just flat-out rampaging across the world.

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