why is gaming getting worse

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  • Do you think the gaming industry is getting worse?

  • Yes I think it’s getting worse because big game companies are trying to make their AAA games similar to the highest selling games, thus, ruining their franchises. Metal gear becoming like rockstar games (red dead, gta). Etc… Yes because as technology gets better and easier for developers, the lazier they are able to become to make games.

  • Why are video games so bad these days?

  • Companies often give their staff unrealistic deadlines and horrible hours, resulting in terribly lackluster games. More and more broken and empty games have been released lately, with publishers using DLC and patches to smooth out flaws after the fact. The worst part is, we鈥檙e now paying more for games that aren鈥檛 finished.

  • Why do I always do bad in FPS games?

  • Could be a lot of factors, for me personally when I’m doing bad in an FPS game it’s usually because I’m distracted or unfocused. You could simply just not be in it after 20+ years of Counter-Strike. Are you keeping sensitivity consistent between games?

  • Why are AAA games so bad?

  • Some popular examples of AAA games include Far Cry 5 (by Ubisoft), Monster Hunter World (by Capcom), and Red Dead Redemption 2 (by Rockstar Games). Why Are AAA Games So Bad? Unfortunately, many modern AAA games have problems. No matter how perfect publishers try to make games, they always seem to end up making big mistakes.

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