why doesn’t apple make a gaming console

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Why doesn’t Apple make a gaming console?Because it would run on iOS 9 it would already have thousands of popular games available to play. Not only that,the games wouldn’t be too graphically demanding for the console because the games were designed to be able to run on phone processors.

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  • Can Apple make a gaming console?

  • With some clever cooling and the support of game developers, Apple could use its in-house chip initiative to then create a console that can run more than just mobile games, and stand as a dedicated gaming machine rather than leave gaming as a feature in Apple TV or iPads.

  • Why doesn鈥檛 Apple make games on the Mac?

  • Games do not seem to be in Apple鈥檚 DNA. All of Apple鈥檚 efforts tend to be focused on using computers to accomplish goals and educate. To turn the Mac into a viable games platform would need a titanic shift. The Mac dominates notebooks and the all-in-one form factors.

  • Why does Apple make so much money from iOS games?

  • And to their credit, Apple has worked to make the iPhone a good games platform. Perhaps more could be done, especially with the app store. But major publishers and developers do bring games to the iPhone and as a result, Apple probably earns more from iOS games than any technology company does from games.

  • Does Apple need to go deeper into gaming?

  • And with Apple Arcade and controller support, as well as the ability to run various third-party game streaming services on them, there鈥檚 arguably no need for Apple to push deeper into gaming. With a rather wide range of iPads, iPhones, Mac machines, headphones, smartwatches, and a curated walled garden of software, Apple has plenty to keep it busy.

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