why aren’t macs good for gaming

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There are a few reasons why MacBooks are no good for gaming. Traditionally,Apple products have been form over function. There鈥檚 a higher value placed on the brand name rather than the pure power that the machine can deliver. Modern games aren鈥檛 optimized for MacBooks. GPUs,in particular,are a critical component for running games.

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  • Are Macs good for gaming?

  • When it comes to RAM and storage, they鈥檙e not bad as well. As a matter of fact, both Mac Books and their desktop versions are pretty good in terms of RAM and storage. There鈥檚 just one thing that horrible in Macs when it comes gaming and that is the graphics. Most Mac models rely on integrated Intel graphics cards that are underpowered.

  • Why did Apple stop making Macs for gaming?

  • That all changed when Mac decided to revamp its image鈥擜pple was mad that office workers were requesting Macs and being denied them because employers were worried they would waste their time playing games. So Apple separated itself from the gaming market, leaving a hole that PCs quickly filled.

  • Why can鈥檛 I Run Games on my Mac?

  • The reason for that is because games are becoming more and more advanced. So, the next generation of games will always need more powerful hardware. Unfortunately, Macs are not upgradable. They can鈥檛 be torn apart for the sole purpose of running a game. An attempt to do that would cost a lot of money.

  • Are there fewer Mac Games?

  • Our findings are not exhaustive, as there are fewer Mac games. Four Apple computers specifically have been used to observe: the MacBook (the 鈥渟maller鈥?notebook line), the MacBook Pro (high-end notebook line) and the iMac (high-end desktop computer).

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