who is winning the gaming console war

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  • Did Nintendo win the war?

  • Each battle waged victories and defeats. Nintendo stood by on the sidelines, carefully watching, learning, and striking when times were more convenient. With each new console generation comes a victor. The one that stands out on the forefront, proudly saying that they won this battle while the war continues to rage on.

  • Will PS5 top Xbox series X in the console wars?

  • Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming are changing the way we think about console gaming, and repositioning the Xbox itself less as a contender in the console wars, and more as a software platform that makes gaming more accessible and affordable. PlayStation 5 will top Xbox Series X in the console wars. For what it’s worth.

  • What are the console wars?

  • The console wars have existed since before many gamers were born. The excitement stirred by tech companies around their machines made headlines. Perhaps the oldest feud has been that between Microsoft and Sony, two tech giants who have towered above all others with their consoles that grace the living rooms and bedrooms of families everywhere.

  • What is the rivalry between PlayStation and Xbox really about?

  • I鈥檝e been writing about the 鈥榗onsole wars鈥?for years but, up until the last few, the rivalry between PlayStation and Xbox has been primarily all about exclusives and which systems your friends played on so that you could play games with your crew.

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