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  • Who are the members of Arkosh gaming?

  • Arkosh Gaming is a North American Dota 2 team that was created by SirActionSlacks in October 2020 with the purpose of increasing viewership in the NA pro scene. The team notably features five anonymous players and has themes of demonic worship. October 30th – SirActionSlacks announces the team; Pale Horse, Canus Vulpus, Gremlo, Crow and G.O.A.T..

  • What is Arkosh gaming in Dota 2?

  • dota2 Arkosh Gaming is branching out, and Dota 2 fans and pro players aren鈥檛 happy about it. Arkosh Gaming was originally imagined as a series of show matches involving a black metal-themed squad of anonymous players who take on opponents from all regions and all levels of pro Dota 2.

  • Does Arkosh have an anonymous roster?

  • Though that鈥檚 a relatively strong lineup, Arkosh鈥檚 anonymous roster could hypothetically allow any player to step in and compete as one of its characters. Who is Luki Luki?

  • Did goat say the sacred words to Arkosh gaming?

  • Izh vo鈥檖oz doq nith. Ozh vo鈥檉ek ensh izh Arkosh ful.鈥?ActionSlacks鈥?broadcast of the stream then cut to No Pango鈥檚 ancient exploding, as he shouted that GOAT had said 鈥渢he sacred words鈥?and that this had resulted in Arkosh Gaming鈥檚 comeback victory.

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