who bought optic gaming

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Neil Leibman

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  • What happened to OpTic Gaming?

  • Texas Rangers co-owner Neil Leibman has acquired OpTic Gaming. OpTic鈥檚 NA LCS team, OWL team, and the original OpTic Gaming will all be subsidiaries of Infinite鈥攚here Leibman and Chaney will be the chair and president respectively. Operations for both the OWL and NA LCS teams will move to Dallas as well.

  • What is OpTic Gaming Los Angeles?

  • OpTic Gaming Los Angeles is a former official Call of Duty League franchise teams of Los Angeles, United States. It was owned and operated by the Immortals Gaming Club and OpTic Gaming.

  • Is OpTic Gaming moving to Dallas?

  • Neil Leibman, co-owner of the MLB鈥檚 Texas Rangers, has acquired a majority stake in OpTic Gaming and will be moving the long-standing esports organization to Dallas, according to a report by Sports Business Daily.

  • Is Infinite Esports owned by optic?

  • The Immortals Gaming Club (IGC), the parent company of the Immortals esports teams and the Los Angeles Valiant Overwatch League team, has acquired Infinite Esports, the parent company of OpTic Gaming and the Houston Outlaws Overwatch League team. The acquisition was announced on Wednesday in a press release from IGC.

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