what to use to clean a gaming monitor

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How To Clean A Gaming MonitorWarm water is a must for this process.A soft and clean microfibre cloth with no previous upbuild of dirt or anything that can scratch your monitor.If a solution is an absolute must and the warm water isn鈥檛 cleaning the screen well enough then you can opt for a solution of mild soap to use with …

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  • What do you use to clean your monitor?

  • I’ve used isopropyl alcohol to clean really dirty monitors (like one monitor that had puke stains that I got from a client). Just to be safe, I prefer to use water and a microfiber cloth, and only use alcohol (and water) whenever I have to remove some stubborn gunk.

  • Can you spray cleaning agent on a monitor?

  • Finally, you never want to spray your cleaning agent directly onto your monitor. Excess liquid runs the risk of pooling in the corner of your screen, seeping in through tiny weak spots and wreaking havoc on the sensitive materials inside. With those words of warning aside, let’s get down to the business of cleaning that monitor.

  • How do I clean my computer screen?

  • When wiping your screen, try to avoid circular motions or buffing a single particular spot. Instead, use light pressure and wide, sweeping motions from side to side or top to bottom. It might seem trivial, but again these are sensitive electronics we’re cleaning, and better to be mindful of your technique than buff in a costly repair.

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