what to do when you quit gaming

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  • What to do when you quit games?

  • The first thing you should note when quitting games is that you should keep your environment free from games. As much as possible, remove things that would remind you of playing. For me, it is the first to uninstall all my games on my computer. If you have any more else to remove for a while, it is best to remove it.

  • Is it possible to quit gaming?

  • If you are laying on your bed staring at the ceiling, you鈥檒l justify gaming because it can鈥檛 be any worse than being bored all day. To successfully quit you must find replacement activities. There are three specific types you need to find, and I鈥檒l share these with you.

  • How to stop gaming step by step?

  • How to Stop Gaming Step #1: Recognize and Admit Your Video Game Addiction You鈥檙e here, so you鈥檝e already accomplished a huge first step towards bringing balance back to your life. That first step is self awareness and self honesty. And so you鈥檙e already much more likely to beat your video game addiction than someone who is living in denial.

  • How can I stop being addicted to gaming?

  • If you do most of your gaming on the computer, uninstall addictive programs from your hard drive and delete any accounts you have for online games. Then, make an effort to police yourself when using your computer in the future.

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