what new gaming consoles are coming out

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The 16 Best Video Game Consoles of 2020,New and Not So NewNintendo Switch. …Nintendo Switch Lite. …Xbox One S. …Xbox One X. …PlayStation 4. …PlayStation 4 Pro. …PlayStation VR. …Oculus Quest. …Google Stadia. …

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  • What new game consoles are coming in 2021?

  • The Nintendo Switch Pro And 7 Other New Game Consoles Probably Coming In 2021. 1 8 Nintendo Switch Pro. The original Switch debuted in 2017 with 2019 being the year of the Switch Lite. Given this two year cycle it would seem … 2 7 Game Gear Micro. 3 6 Playdate. 4 5 Intellivision Amico. 5 4 Polymega. More items

  • What is the best gaming console to buy now?

  • Final Verdict. The best current gaming console to buy is the Nintendo Switch. It’s the only console of this generation that isn’t being replaced by a newer model, as in the case of the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. It’s also full of fun AAA games and is the most portable console you can get with its handheld mode.

  • Is Microsoft about to release an all-new Xbox console?

  • A new report has emerged stating that Microsoft may look to release an all-new Xbox console at some point within the coming year. While this supposed model wouldn’t be entirely new from top to bottom, it would instead look to update the Xbox Series S, which is currently the cheaper console that Microsoft offers to customers.

  • What is the best video game console 2020?

  • The 16 Best Video Game Consoles of 2020, New and Not So New 1 PlayStation 5. We still don鈥檛 know much about the PS5. … 2 Xbox Series X. This next gen of consoles is going to be full of monsters. … 3 Polymega. Polymega is making the console of retro gamers’ dreams. … 4 Analogue Pocket. … 5 Playdate. … 6 Alienware Concept UFO. …

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