what is vc in gaming

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VC Definition For most gamers, if not all, VC has different abbreviations within the realm of gaming, namely:Voice chat or voice communication

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  • What is vcvc gaming?

  • VC Gaming is a Chinese multi-gaming organization owned by Shandong Yingchuang Investment Co., Ltd.

  • What does VC mean?

  • Top definition. vc. voice chat/channel, popularised by discord. a vc is a normal chat – just with people able to talk with their microphone, or listen to music with a discord bot. Jeff: guys hop into vc.

  • What players did VC gaming sign in 2019?

  • February 15th – VC Gaming announced 2019 Roster, Signed Tide, DJBOY signed for the 2nd time. July 12th – Signed 11ccc and Sp1ce for the 2nd time.

  • What happened to VC gaming?

  • VC Gaming is a Chinese team. November (approx.), VC Gaming acquires the LDL spot of ZS. Qiuchen, Sad (Coach), and CaoMei (Owner) join. yourlight renames to Chunibyo. Ning leaves. Killking joins. Naranja joins. Naranja renames to Chengzi. June (approx.), 鈦?鈦?VC Gaming is disbanded.

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