what is smurfing in gaming

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Smurfing in video games is the act ofintentionally playing in a skill bracket below a player鈥檚 actual rank. People who do this are called smurfs. The idea is that playing against lower-skilled players can be a good source of training or way to boost a wounded ego.

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  • What is a gaming Smurf and what does it mean?

  • What Is a Gaming Smurf? A smurf describes a player in an online game, often highly skilled, that creates another account to play against lower-ranked players. The smurf pretends to be new, then dominates their opponents since they’re so much better at the game.

  • Should Smurfs be allowed in video games?

  • Some big names even try to smurf for educational videos or content creation. Even if these smurfs are less damaging than stomping new players, it鈥檚 still a violation of the spirit of video games. Ethical smurfs still ruins matches for the nine other players in the lobby.

  • What is smurfing in banking?

  • What is Smurfing in banking? A smurf in banking is a money launderer that aims to avoid attention by breaking large transactions up into multiple smaller, less suspicious transactions. These are also generally spread over many different accounts.

  • Why is smurfing a problem in esports?

  • It鈥檚 also somewhat common in amateur esports tournaments, where small amounts of money is at stake and the events are run with a very small budget, or even by volunteers, meaning it鈥檚 difficult to implement anti-Smurfing procedures. Smurfing has the biggest impact on these games due to their competitive nature, as well as esports scenes.

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