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  • What is powergaming?

  • Top definition. powergaming. powergaming, consists in achieving end game results (getting the highest and most favorable output possible) , ignoring everything else that constitutes the game as a whole. Another way to put it in words, would be taking shortcuts in the game in a counter-intuitive way. This practice is common in MMORPGs.

  • What do you think about power gaming?

  • Yeah, Power Gaming is both the focussed desire to make your character overwhelmingly powerful and the tendency of the game to let you acheive that roll. Rifts, and such, are all about firepower and getting the next, more dangerous, weapon or ability. Some times it’s ok, sometimes it’s really annoying, sometimes the gm encourages it.

  • What is power gaming in D&D?

  • Epic Level Dungeons Dragons (when it comes out) will be powergaming. Also: Exalted, Nobilis, and, arguably, Witchcraft. The deciding factor is that the PCs tend to be, or rapidly become, far more powerful than the people around them. Most of their adventures are focused on that power and its implications.

  • What happened to power gaming?

  • It housed several well-sponsored eSport teams in Europe and Asia for games such as Call of Duty 4, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike 1.6, and console games. Power Gaming underwent strategic changes after their investor changed his focus, and stopped activity in eSports.

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