what is meta gaming

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out of character action

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  • What does meta mean in gaming?

  • In gaming, meta is an acronym for the most effective tactic available in a game version. When players refer to a meta, they refer to the most effective way to achieve the goal of the game.

  • What is Metagaming and power gaming?

  • So, what is metagaming and power gaming? Metagaming is a term used in role-playing games, which describes the players鈥?usage of real-life knowledge, which the in-game character does not have yet. Thus, the player can determine his character鈥檚 actions to influence the outcome of an event.

  • What is Metagaming in D&D?

  • It marked the beginning of what we now know as 鈥渞ole-playing鈥?games. Like any other RPG, DD has its meta-gamers. Metagaming in DD refers to the way a player thinks. Generally, players shouldn鈥檛 think of the game as simply entertainment but accept it as a reflection of real life.

  • What is Metagaming in Amongus?

  • That鈥檚 considered metagaming because you’re using information from outside the game that your character shouldn鈥檛 have. In the GTA world, metagaming has clear definitions. In AmongUs, however, it鈥檚 up to the community to decide what the rules are.

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