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out of character action

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  • What does meta mean in gaming?

  • In online games, usually in multiplayer games, the word 鈥渕eta鈥?is an acronym for the phrase 鈥渕ost effective tactic available鈥? This means that even if you want to try a new strategy to win the game, only one is effective and is what should be followed, and that is the meta.

  • What is Metagaming and why does it matter?

  • Metagaming, in the context of esports, is ultimately about selecting or creating an optimal playing strategy using means outside of the game itself to affect the outcome of a game.

  • How does metagame understanding lead to metagame stability?

  • This metagame understanding leads to metagame stability until it is disrupted by the game鈥檚 developers or the players themselves, usually occuring in a circular manner (Duke, 2020a; Duke, 2020b). We have created Figure 5 below to illustrate how it progresses across time:

  • What is metagame in Dota 2?

  • It can be briefly summed up as an optimised strategy based on the game and the game鈥檚 surrounding structures. In our paper we have provided historical examples as well as some websites which can help researchers identify the metagame in Dota 2 and in League of Legends.

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