what is ip in gaming

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Intellectual Property

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  • What does IP mean in video games?

  • To wrap this up and put it simply for you, the term IP just protects the games you love. That鈥檚 it. One other place you may see IP used in video games is in the highly popular MOBA League of Legends. One of the currencies in that game is called Influence Points and is earned by playing the game.

  • What is a classic game IP?

  • A classic game IP is something like Halo, which branches off into a fractal-like maze of sequels and comics and cartoons and fast-food tie-ins. But it can also refer to the creation of a single, new, original game with the goal of expansion.

  • What is the best IP address for gaming?

  • There is no 鈥渂est鈥?IP address for gaming, since IP addresses do not work in the same way as other settings like DNS/MTU/NAT Type. For the vast majority of online gamers, just using the default IP address assigned by your console and router will be perfectly adequate.

  • Can people find your IP address from the games you play?

  • In this way, the user only sees a server’s IP Address, and the server only sees the user’s IP Address which might make one think that it is not feasible for a person to find your own IP Address from the games you play.

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