what is indie gaming

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An indiegameis a video game created by individuals or smaller development teams that don鈥檛 have the financial or technical backing of a large game publisher. One popular example of an indiegame: Minecraft.

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  • What is an indie game?

  • 鈥淎n indie game is a game that is essentially made with passion. Many indie games are games that a very select few decided to make with very little resources. Unlike, triple A titles, indie games don鈥檛 have that massive budget that big studios have.

  • How much money do indie games make?

  • About 25% of indie games have earned about $ 25,000 in their lifetime. Remember that these figures should be considered in terms of the time spent and the number of team members involved in indie game development. If the game has been developed for more than a year by several people, then this result cannot be called particularly successful.

  • How to become an indie game developer?

  • Whatever your game development skills may be, start using them to create a game either by yourself or with a team of other developers. Anyone from students in college to people with full-time professional jobs can be considered an indie dev as long as they鈥檙e working on a game project. Pros and Cons of Indie Game Development

  • Why are indie games better than AAA games?

  • In recent years, many indie games have managed to surpass their AAA competition in terms of quality, and the notion that indie games are somehow 鈥渓esser鈥?because of their lower budget is not accurate. In fact, if you ignore indie games, you鈥檙e missing out on some of the best video games of all time.

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