what is hdr gaming

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High Dynamic Range

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  • What is HDR lighting in video games?

  • Many games have supported HDR lighting for years, but that’s not the same as real HDR display technology. HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is an umbrella term for a series of standards designed to expand the color and contrast range of video displays far beyond what current hardware can produce.

  • What is HDR gaming and is it worth it?

  • In theory, HDR gaming is very similar to HDR video. The idea is that you get better contrast and a wider range of colour and brightness, which should make the picture more realistic and immersive.

  • What is HDR (high dynamic range) in TVs?

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) is the latest and best thing in video right now. It started out as a niche feature, but now it鈥檚 an essential feature of the best TVs.

  • What is hardware HDR and why does it matter?

  • Hardware HDR goes far beyond the simulated HDR found in older games like Half-Life 2. Contrast, brightness, and vibrant color all become more important to image quality once resolution needs are met, and improving these is what HDR is all about.

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