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  • What is games as a service in gaming?

  • Games as a service refers to a monetization strategy where brands create games that serve as a recurring revenue model, either by charging a monthly fee or selling features, points, or coins as an upgrade. What games are games as a service? GaaS examples include Candy Crush, Pokemon Go, Madden, Overwatch, and Fortnite.

  • Is’games as a service’becoming’games as platforms’?

  • In an interview with Game Rant, Microsoft’s Head of Cloud Gaming James Gwertzman explains how ‘Games as a Service’ is becoming ‘Games as Platforms.’ Game Rant recently got the chance to have a long talk with James Gwertzman, head of cloud gaming at Microsoft.

  • How is GaAs helping the gaming as a service industry?

  • This not only provides the user an enhanced experience whilst using a GaaS but also gives so much more to a business, namely engagement which is helping the gaming as a service industry flourishing in this multi-device modern era. Some of the key features of Games as a Service include:

  • What are some examples of games as a service business models?

  • Mountain Dew and Butterfinger are two examples of brands successfully bridging the gap between physical brands and the virtual gamer environment. There are several Games as a Service business models that offer creative, experimental, and exciting new ways of monetizing the gaming industry.

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