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Global Gambling Guidance Group

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  • What is G4 anyway?

  • What is G4 anyway? G4 was a TV network that debuted on basic cable in 2002 and shuttered in 2014. Known for its pop-culture series Attack of the Show! and video game review roundtable X-Play, G4 and its personalities were equivalent to the heyday of MTV and its VJs for nerds.

  • What are the key features of gamesir G4?

  • GameSir G4 adopts a 32-bit MCU chip, computation capability is up to 48 million times per second, along with Realtek Bluetooth 4.0 technology, G4 features high sensitivity and accuracy in game control. LED battery power indicator, vibration intensity adjustment, vibration frequency adjustment.

  • What does G4 do on Twitter?

  • We also maintain a lively Twitter feed! G4 is a group of international experts in the field of problem gambling and responsible gambling with staff and board members from different parts in the world.

  • What happened to G4?

  • But even in this time, G4 did at least a few things that feel now-prescient: It aired Comic-Con panels in 2009, and put out four Marvel anime with Madhouse (which has put out a bunch of important series, like Masaaki Yuasa’s Tatami Galaxy and Death Note ).

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