what is esports gaming

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Competitive, organized video gaming

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  • What are esports?

  • What Are Esports? Esports, electronics sports, competitive gaming, professional gaming, or any variation of those words is a form of competition with the medium being video games.

  • What makes a game successful as an esport?

  • There are two elements that play crucial roles in helping a game to succeed as an esport; enjoyability and balance. The first is simple because if a game isn’t fun to play, then it’s not going to be enjoyable to watch and players will lose interest quickly. On the other hand, balance is key because otherwise the game becomes uninteresting.

  • Where do fans watch esports?

  • Fans watch on YouTube鈥檚 gaming channel or on Twitch, a dedicated gaming channel on the web. eSports viewers spent 17.9 million hours watching their gaming heroes on those channels in the first quarter of 2018. The most popular game to watch is Dota 2, followed by League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

  • What are the three major eSports platforms?

  • There are currently three major eSports operators: Turtle Entertainment, Major League Gaming, and Dreamhack. Major League Gaming has the largest platform, hosting 10 million users as of 2016; Turtle Entertainment hosts 6 million users.

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