what is enas in gaming

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Eastern North American Strafe

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  • What is ENAs (eastern North American strafe)?

  • For those who may not know, ENAS (also known as the Eastern North American Strafe) is a method of movement that involves moving your mouse back and forth rapidly while running forward and strafing to make yourself extremely difficult to be shot by other players.

  • Why is ENAs so hard to hit?

  • As mentioned above, the root of the issue is within the fact that other players become stupid hard to hit when they ENAS. When working through the solve for this issue, we wanted to make sure we had minimal impact on general movement in the game and we only wanted to adjust the feel of the game when someone attempts to ENAS.

  • What is Eyas gaming?

  • Eyas Gaming is a new venture from gambling industry veterans Joe Saumarez Smith, Michael Brady and Adam Joseph. Eyas Gaming will initially launch into the German and UK markets, offering market leading slots-led sites with content from all the top providers, including the best arcade slots familiar to land-based customers.

  • What changes have been made to ENAs?

  • There are also some other fixes that are going in that not only help make ENAS less efficient but improve the game overall when it comes to a combat standpoint. We have significantly improved the player heading update rate which means that when a player turns, you鈥檒l see them turn on your screen at a much more accurate rate.

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