what is dps in gaming

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Damage per Second

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  • What does DPS mean?

  • Know a new term? What Does DPS Mean? DPS means Damage Per Second in an online gaming context. DPS is a measurement of damage that can be done by a weapon, spell, other equipment, player or group of players in an online game. It is used as a metric in some games to allow a determination of offensive power.

  • What is the best DPS class in gaming?

  • The best DPS in gaming is one that is viable without being too situational or too hard to control. PVP is always a different scenario from PVE, but the general consensus for the best DPS in gaming would be World of Warcraft鈥檚 Rogue class.

  • Is there a way to measure DPS in games?

  • To be honest, there are most of the games that don’t directly give you a way to measure DPS, although some games like World of Warcraft offer mods that when installed, they can track DPS for you.

  • What does DPD stand for?

  • Definition: Damage per Second Type: Abbreviation (Initialism) Guessability: 3: Guessable Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers

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