what is dps in gaming

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鈥淒amage per Second

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  • How does DPS work in an MMORPG?

  • In an MMORPG, your DPS will depend on which class you choose and the weapon you have equipped. Healers and support class characters will not be able to provide as much 鈥渄amage per second鈥?as a fighter or warrior class, for example. If you鈥檙e still new to gaming terminology, we also have AFK and RNG explained for you.

  • What is a DPS character?

  • A DPS character is one whose main objective is to cause damage. Essentially, this is anyone in a game used primarily for offense or defense. With this definition, you could say that all heroes in a game are DPS characters, but that’s not exactly the case.

  • What is the best DPS class in gaming?

  • The best DPS in gaming is one that is viable without being too situational or too hard to control. PVP is always a different scenario from PVE, but the general consensus for the best DPS in gaming would be World of Warcraft鈥檚 Rogue class.

  • Is a lower DPS better in war?

  • A lower DPS means that bullets will fly slower than the competition. Meanwhile, a fast DPS can be effective in battle, especially with a close-ranged submachine gun that typically sprays bullets faster than an LMG.

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