what is casual gaming

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The term casual gaming refers tovideo games which do not require a major time investment to play,win,and enjoy. A casual gamer is a player who enjoys any video game without investing significant time to it,playing it spontaneously,irregularly,or infrequently. The term casual may also be a derogative noun.

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  • What is casual gaming and how to start?

  • Casual gaming is a term used for a form of playing video games where a gamer does not have a long-term commitment to a game and can approach playing the game on an infrequent and spontaneous basis.

  • What kind of games do casual gamers like to play?

  • The games they tend to play are simple games that are like everyday life, such as sports titles or the Sims . Sony has been the main console of casual gamers, and is really the company that invented them. About 80% of their sales have been made to casual gamers.

  • Are casual gamers ruining the industry for the rest of US?

  • People who judge games by their plot or graphics are casual gamers, as opposed to true gamers, who would rather play a game than watch it. People who own an xbox are casual gamers, and so are the majority of people who own playstations. Casual gamers are ruining the industry for the rest of us. I wish gaming was still just for geeks.

  • What is the history of casual games?

  • Countless casual games have been developed and published, alongside hardcore games, across the history of video games. A concerted effort to capitalize on casual games grew in the 1990s and 2000s. Many developers and publishers branded themselves as casual game companies.

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