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  • What is a blockchain game?

  • A blockchain game is a video game that uses blockchain technology to store game data on a decentralized network. The term 鈥渂lockchain game鈥?can also refer to games that use cryptocurrency or digital assets (such as NFTs) as in-game currency. Blockchain games contain the elements of blockchain technology (often used in P2E games ).

  • Is blockchain the future of the gaming industry?

  • The blockchain technology that was primarily used to power cryptocurrencies has evolved into a revolutionary tech applicable to a variety of industries. Blockchain offers each sphere at least four unique features 鈥?decentralization, immutability, transparency, and enhanced security. These features could transform the gaming industry too.

  • Are NFTs and blockchain games growing in popularity?

  • An interest in NFTs and blockchain games is growing. The most played video games in the world by peak concurrent players (so far) are Fortnight, League of Legends, Crossfire, Minecraft, Counter-Strike: GO, and Dota 2. These are the giants of the gaming world that are impossible not easy to beat.

  • What is Axie Infinity鈥檚 Ethereum sidechain?

  • This Ethereum sidechain was designed specifically for Axie Infinity players. It is still compatible with everything Ethereum has to offer, but the biggest change is that users no longer have to pay gas fees. By the way, there is still a chance that Ethereum鈥檚 scalability problem will be solved.

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