what is blockchain gaming

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The future of gaming

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  • Is blockchain the future of the gaming industry?

  • The blockchain technology that was primarily used to power cryptocurrencies has evolved into a revolutionary tech applicable to a variety of industries. Blockchain offers each sphere at least four unique features 鈥?decentralization, immutability, transparency, and enhanced security. These features could transform the gaming industry too.

  • Are blockchain games legal in India?

  • As the law currently stands, each blockchain game must first pass muster as a 鈥榞ame of skill鈥? as against a 鈥?game of chance鈥? to legally be made available in most Indian states. In the past, the Supreme Court has rejected the notion of video games being 鈥榞ames of skill鈥?

  • What are the most popular blockchain games?

  • The cards are compatible with third-party trading platforms like Open Sea, Monster Market, PeakMonsters, etc. The game has over 310,880 users, making it the most frequently played blockchain game. Decentraland was launched in 2017 but remained a small game until recently. What eventually made the game popular?

  • Why blockchain games are the new talk of the town?

  • But, with blockchain-based games, they can earn cryptocurrencies to use as real money to purchase items from other players or even buy products on e-commerce websites. As blockchain games are the new talk of the town, it is possible to create a centralized community where users can access different games.

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