what is a good temperature for gaming laptop

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T emperatures up to70 C (160 F)are okay under full load. Although a constant hot temperature can damage your computer in the long term. Similarly,the GPU should not exceed 110 F (45 C) during normal operation and 175 F (80 C) under heavy load. You should be extremely careful if you have a gaming machine.

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  • What is a good GPU temperature for gaming?

  • Additionally, the optimal GPU temperature for gaming shouldn鈥檛 exceed 85C (185F), even if some are rated higher. A good GPU temperature for gaming is hard to determine accurately because of the different models by GPU manufacturers. They often have their own safe GPU temperature range.

  • How hot is too hot for your CPU?

  • But with Extended Gaming and Heavy Usage, the temperature can easily reach a range of 65-90 C. How Hot is Too Hot for Your CPU? Every Processor has a maximum safe temperature limit.

  • What should be the normal temperature of a PC under load?

  • You should consider 45 鈥?55 degrees celsius to be the normal temperature at idle and under load, these temps shouldn鈥檛 go beyond 70 鈥?80 degrees celsius. If your PC temperature keeps rising at idle or under normal load it crosses that temp range then you dive into the problem further to see why you are unable to maintain average temperature.

  • How to check the safe temperature for CPU?

  • You can check the safe temperature for CPU just by scrolling down the list. These values of the average CPU temperature are gathered from different tech forums. Processor Type. Normal CPU Temp. Maximum CPU Temp. Intel Core i3-7350K. 45C to 60C. 100C. Intel Core i5-7600K.

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