what is a good temperature for gaming laptop

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As a good rule of thumb the normal CPU temp while gaming should remain between61C and 73C (142 F and 164 F). If this temperature limit is unable to attain then your CPU temp shouldn鈥檛 exceed 176F (80C),otherwise,it will cause overheating.

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  • What is normal CPU temp while gaming?

  • This is completely normal because the CPU and GPU are doing millions of calculations each second to make the game you鈥檙e looking at run smoothly. But what is normal CPU temp while gaming? Your CPU temperature should not go above 80C (176F) for extended periods.

  • What is a safe temperature for a CPU?

  • Which means 80 degrees Celsius is considered safe temperature for CPU. But if your CPU crosses that limit, then something is not right. You can check the below table, which shows the average/normal CPU temperature for most AMD and Intel processors.

  • How hot is too hot for a laptop?

  • laptop components are generally designed to tolerate fairly high temperatures. typically anything under 80-85 C is perfectly fine and within normal range. so your temperatures are actually excellent and well under the safety cap.

  • How hot does a GPU get when gaming in a tropical climate?

  • Logically, if you鈥檙e gaming in a tropical climate as opposed to, say Iceland, you鈥檙e going to experience higher GPU temperatures and are going to need to invest more into cooling them. These numbers depend on the GPU, but most of the time the maximum temperature a Nvidia GPU can run at is around the 95-100 Celsius mark (~200-210 Fahrenheit).

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