what is a good refresh rate for gaming

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60 Hz

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  • What is a good refresh rate for gaming monitor?

  • Generally, PC monitors have a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is quite a satisfactory rate for personal and corporate use, but when it comes to gaming, your monitor has to up the game. What is Good Refresh Rate for Gaming? Good gaming monitors generally offer refresh rates above 75Hz.

  • Is 240Hz good for gaming?

  • Fast refresh rates are particularly crucial in fast-paced action where each frame counts. However, simply getting 144Hz or 240 fps monitors is not enough to enjoy a swift performance. Your system should have the capacity to handle these frame rates for you to exploit the higher refresh rates properly. Is 60Hz Good for Gaming?

  • What is 60Hz refresh rate on a monitor?

  • Refresh rate is defined as the number of times the new images on a monitor are updated each second. A monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate means the display updates 60 times per second. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the image looks. This can rise to as high as 240 times per second on a 240Hz monitor.

  • Is a 75hz monitor good for gaming?

  • Also not all games are demanding as far as frame rates and refresh rates are concerned, therefore if you fall in the category of non-fps gamers then a 75Hz monitor (or even the standard 60Hz) is a welcome choice. How Does The Monitor Refresh Rate Affect The Gaming Experience?

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