what is a good ping for gaming

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  • What is the best ping rate for gaming?

  • For super-fluent gameplay, you always need as low the ping rate as possible. The ping lower 40ms, especially lower 30ms, is good for gamers. While many games can still be fairly playable at 90ms or higher, they can鈥檛 give to you a smooth feeling and great experience when playing games.

  • What does Ping mean in gaming?

  • It refers to the network latency between your laptop/computer and someone else鈥檚, or even the game鈥檚 own server. A good ping for gaming is around 40ms to 60ms, or even lower. For reference, if your ping has a speed over 100ms, it will have an obvious delay.

  • How can i Improve my Ping in online gaming?

  • Here are some of the best ways to improve your ping right now: Select a game server that is closest to you: Location matters when you鈥檙e playing online games. Picking the closest server to you can allow faster communication between your computer and the server.

  • What is a good ping and why is it important?

  • This will likely lead you to ask yourself, 鈥渨hat is a good ping?鈥? A good ping is essentially a fast ping, as a speedier one provides a more responsive connection as a whole. And this is particularly applicable to time-sensitive applications where speed is of real importance, like video gaming, for example.

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