what is a gaming handle

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By definition,the wagering term 鈥渉andle鈥?refers to thetotal amount of money wagered over a specific period of time. In this instance,this term usually refers to the amount for a particular game or a number of different games over a given day,week or the entire season.

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  • What does handle Mean in gambling?

  • the total amount wagered on an event, series of events, or for an entire season or seasons, as at a gambling casino or in horse racing: The track handle for the day was over a million dollars.

  • What is the best definition of handling?

  • 1 : to touch, feel, hold, or move with the hand Please don’t handle the merchandise. 2 : to manage or control especially with the hands He knows how to handle a motorcycle. 3 : manage sense 1, direct She handles all the money. 4 : to deal with or act on Firing鈥攖he final step in the process 鈥?鈥攚as handled well by no man.

  • What is handle?

  • the part of a utensil, drawer, etc, designed to be held in order to move, use, or pick up the object. NZ a glass beer mug with a handle. slang a person’s name or title. a CB radio slang name for call sign. an opportunity, reason, or excuse for doing somethinghis background served as a handle for their mockery.

  • What is handle and revenue in sports betting and wagering?

  • What defines 鈥渉andle鈥?in sports betting? Handle is defined as the total amount of money wagered by bettors at a sportsbook over a given period. Naturally, handle can be measured over different chronological increments, as well as by different sports, type of bets, and a number of other metrics. What defines 鈥渞evenue鈥?for a sportsbook?

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