what is a dlc in gaming

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  • What is DLC and how does it work?

  • It tends to be tied to the individual customer’s console or account, which means DLC can’t be resold or traded like physical game discs. A similar concept to DLC is disc-locked content, which must be activated through an online service. Sometimes, companies release physical copies of games with a code needed to download additional content.

  • When did DLC start in video games?

  • However, Total Annihilation, a real-time strategy game, is believed to have normalizing DLC in 1997 after its developers began releasing new content each month. Sega, Microsoft, and Sony all began to support DLC for their handheld and console systems a few years later.

  • How do I get a custom DLC for a game?

  • DLC can be distributed online within the game or via a gaming platform, such as Steam or the Playstation Store. Sometimes, it might be free. Other times, you might have to purchase it separately, or it might be included in bundles that come with the base game.

  • Is DLC good or bad for video games?

  • As you can see, DLC can be some of the best, and worst, aspects of a game. It can breathe new life into a rich world, allowing the player to enter new environments and engaging new characters.

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