what is a clan in gaming

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Group of Gamers

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  • Why choose clan gaming?

  • At Clan Gaming, you will no longer be troubled by internet issues, poor FPS or faulty hardware. We are here to provide a seamless gaming experience where your only worry should be on how to win the game. The surreal gaming environment at the cafe will get you right into the zone and have you pumping your fists. Read about lounge SHOP

  • What are the top 10 gaming clans in the world?

  • There are many, but here are the top 10. 1. OpTic Gaming 3. FaZe Clan 4. Splyce 5. Team Kaliber 7. Red Reserve 8. Mindfreak 9. Evil Geniuses 10. Luminosity Gaming What are the top gaming clans? Who is the greatest CoD player of all time? What is Optic Gaming? How to join a CoD clan? How to create a clan in Call of Duty mobile? 1. OpTic Gaming

  • Why are clans names so important?

  • Clan names help build a sense of unity in the gaming community and their members often form a friendship that goes into the real world as well. If you need a really cool clan name to get people to join, here are some ideas that will do the trick. Clan names are a very important part of the clan experience.

  • What’s inside the clan gaming lounge?

  • Spread out over 3000 sq ft near Hennur Cross, CLAN Gaming Lounge houses 20+ tournament-spec computers, 3 PlayStation4 consoles, streaming zone, state-of-the-art cafe and a specialised tournament viewing room 鈥?setting the benchmark for video game lounges both locally and internationally. VIEW PRICING 鈥?What you’ll get

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