what gaming systems work with netflix

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Netflix鈥檚 implementation of the gaming service is excellent. There is no separate Netflix gaming app; instead,the games are available from both the iOS and Android versions of the app you use to stream content.

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  • What games are on Netflix鈥檚 new gaming service?

  • In August, Netflix rolled out its gaming service in Poland as part of a test. Originally, only players in Poland had access to Stranger Things 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game. However, now the service is available worldwide and has added three new games to the platform: Shooting Hoops, Card Blast, and Teeter Up.

  • Is Netflix set to dominate the video game industry?

  • New York (CNN Business) Netflix is the king of streaming with more than 200 million subscribers. But now it appears the platform has set its sights on dominating a new form of entertainment: video games.

  • Is Netflix adding video games to its streaming service?

  • The company will offer video games on its service within the next year, according to a report by Bloomberg. The outlet says video games will appear as a new genre on the platform 鈥?similar to documentaries and stand-up specials. Bloomberg didn’t get into specifics, but reported Netflix ( NFLX) doesn’t plan on charging extra for access to the games.

  • Could video games be Netflix鈥檚 next big thing?

  • Video games are not only a multibillion dollar business, but offering games could give Netflix its Next Big Thing 鈥?something critics say it needs right now.

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