what gaming companies does microsoft own

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Microsoft will own developers behind even more of the most popular games,includingCall of Duty,World of Warcraft,Diablo,and Candy Crush. With Microsoft gobbling up so many studios and games,it’s difficult to keep track of what the mammoth corporation owns.

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  • How many Game Studios does Microsoft own?

  • Here鈥檚 a list of the rest of the studios, all of which Microsoft already owns, plus the games they鈥檙e known for or are currently working on: As you can probably tell, the 23 studios listed above amass quite a respectable amount of the most iconic series in the world right now.

  • What companies has Microsoft owned?

  • Owned by billionaire Bill Gates, Microsoft acquired other companies like LinkedIn, GitHub, Skype, and more, over the years. Today, Microsoft is a tech empire that spans software, social media, gaming, and more.

  • What are the top 15 gaming companies in the world?

  • 1 Activision Blizzard 2 Big Fish Games (Acquired) 3 Bonfire Studios 4 Bungie (Acquired) 5 DoubleDown Interactive (Acquired) 6 Discord 7 Electronic Arts 8 Epic Games 9 Jam City 10 MobilityWare 11 PopCap Games (Acquired) 12 Glu Mobile 13 Scopely 14 Twitch (Acquired) 15 Zynga

  • How does Microsoft make money from the gaming industry?

  • The gaming revenue was primarily generated by Microsoft鈥檚 new next-gen Xbox Series X/S sales of course, but Microsoft additionally develops video games itself or owns studios that do. A good example of this is Mojang.

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