what games does camodo gaming play

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Camodo Gaming (born: December 1995 [age 24]),is an American gaming YouTuber mostly known for hisScrap Mechanic and Brick Rigsvideos . He plays games with Beautiful O.B,SpyCakes,The Frustrated Gamer and others as well. Camodo Gaming joined YouTube in January 2016.

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  • Who is Camodo gaming?

  • Camodo Gaming joined YouTube in January 2016. On January 21, 2016 he uploaded his first video. On October 21, 2016 he uploaded this video with his first face reveal for reaching 50,000 subscribers He has a girlfriend, who has a channel called Pandora’s Box. He has a dog. He plays the guitar.

  • What does Camodo do on YouTube?

  • YouTube star who is famous for his Camodo Gaming channel. He has garnered massive popularity there for his gaming playthroughs, montages, and tips, including for Scrap Mechanic, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Brick Rigs Simulator, and Left 4 Dead 2.

  • What graphics cards does Camodo gaming offer?

  • Apex Gaming PCs is thrilled to announce our partnership with one of Apex Legend’s biggest creators Camodo Gaming. Powered by AMD’s latest Ryzen CPUs coupled with NVidia鈥檚 most recent GTX and RTX series graphics cards, Camodo Gaming鈥檚 line of PCs will not disappoint both entry-level, and hardcore PC gamers.

  • What was Camodo’s first video?

  • Camodo’s first video was uploaded on Jan 21, 2016. It was entitled: Scrap Mechanic Gameplay – EP 1 – Off Road School Bus and currently has around 216,000 views. Camodo’s intro has always been the same, and is said, still to this day, at the start of every (single-player) video.

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