what does xd mean in gaming

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鈥渓aughing out loud鈥?/div>

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  • What does XD mean?

  • What does xd mean? Laughing out loud. XD is an abbreviation for laughing, as well as an emoticon. It is often seen in a text message or online when a user thinks something is really funny. If you tilt your head left 90 degress it becomes a face where the X represents the eyes and the D is the mouth.

  • What is the XD clan in Roblox?

  • XD Clan is a professional XBOX gaming clan started by XDWALNUTXX in 2012. The XD Clan plays Fortnite, Rocket League, Roblox, and Call Of Duty. Additionally, who made the XD clan? YouTubers McCreamy and Daniel Harrison created XD Clan as a dedicated group for trick shotters.

  • What is XD mug?

  • Person 1: Die. Get a XD mug for your cousin Larisa. A face that has been severely overused for years online. Most commonly found on Minecraft servers. Supposed to be a laughing face, however at this point it鈥檚 used to express any vaguely happy emotion at all.

  • What does x D mean in texting?

  • A symbol with X being the eyes and D being the mouth, to make a seeming of the person having squinched eyes and a mouth wide open laughing. This is usually used to replace rofl, as the X for eyes indicates that they are laughing so hard they may have fallen off their chair. Usually used in mmorpgs and chat lines.

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