what does tk mean in gaming

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Team kill

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  • What is Tk?

  • Onling gaming term for team killer or team killing . Used verbally as well as in typing. The act of killing your own teammate rather than the enemy. The guy was blocking the door so I had to TK him.

  • What does TKO stand for?

  • Acronym Definition TK Tank TK Technical Knock-out (usually written TKO … TK Truck TK Taman Kanak-Kanak (Indonesian: Kindegart … 55 more rows …

  • What is Tk mug?

  • Get a TK mug for your bunkmate Abdul. Team Killer n. A person who engages in intentionally or unintentionally killing teammates in online games. TKs are either unskilled or are trying to ruin the gaming experience for others.

  • What is RK gaming abbreviation?

  • Long first RK Gaming Abbreviation 5 RK Revenge Killing Play, Server, Revenge Play, Server, Revenge 2 RK Return of the King King, Ring, Lord

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