what does rts stand for in gaming

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Real Time Strategy

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  • What does RTS stand for?

  • Real Time Strategy (gaming) RTS. Radio Tlvision Suisse (French: Swiss Radio and Television) RTS. Request To Send. RTS. Request to Speak. RTS.

  • What is RTS mode on gaming monitors?

  • RTS Mode on gaming monitors today is exactly what it sounds like 鈥?a moment for your monitor hardware that has been specifically engineered and optimized to improve your overall RTS gaming experience. What you want to understand, though, is that this mode isn鈥檛 exclusively going to benefit RTS titles.

  • Are RTS games still popular today?

  • Even though competitive online shooters, Battle Royale games, and sports titles from around the world dominate the videogame landscape right now 鈥?with MMORPG and VR games pretty popular as well 鈥?it鈥檚 important to remember that entire generation of gamers were raised playing RTS (Real Time Strategy) games, too.

  • What are the benefits of RTS games?

  • Colors will pop off of each and every one of your buildings and units, the landscape will look more lush and more inviting, and the immersion you feel when you play these kinds of games skyrockets almost immediately. Brightness and contrast rate are also tinkered with when you go into RTS Mode.

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