what does pog mean in gaming

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Play of the game

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  • What does POG stand for?

  • POG is an acronym that means 鈥減lay of the game鈥? but is mainly used by gamers as an expression after something incredible, epic, or exciting has taken place. POGGERS can be used synonymously with POG.

  • What does POG mean on Twitch?

  • In this context, POG refers to the Twitch app PogChamp, which was introduced in 2012 as a way for Twitch fans to express their excitement. The word pog champions were later re-associated with a Twitch emote featuring Gootecks鈥?face.

  • What does 鈥減oggers鈥?mean?

  • POGGERS can be used synonymously with POG. For example, if a streamer on Twitch just clutched a huge victory they might say, 鈥淧OG鈥?or even 鈥淭hat was POGGERS!鈥?Similarly, if the streamer makes a big play or hits a big achievement you might see the chat light up sending messages that say 鈥淧OG鈥?or 鈥淧OGGERS.鈥?/div>What does POG mean on Twitch?

  • What does the POG Champ emote mean?

  • The original emote is a photo of Ryan 鈥淕ootecks鈥?Gutierrez with an open mouth and surprised look across his face. Since its release the original POG Champ emote has been removed from Twitch, and replaced with a komodo dragon that has an expression of surprise.

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