what does ping mean in gaming

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  • Why is Ping so important in online gaming?

  • Ping is so important is online gaming because ping determines the network latency between the player鈥檚 computer and the game server. If the ping is higher, then the player will face many problems to play the game.

  • What is Ping and lag in gaming?

  • What is ping in gaming? In gaming ping is used to describe the delay between a players input and the servers response to those inputs. Lag is a spike in the time it takes for an action from your game to reach the game server and be registered, or for a message from the game server to be registered on your device.

  • What is Ping in Computer Science?

  • The term has its roots in active sonar, with a ping being the pulse of sound sent out, followed by listening for its reflection to come back. Ping in computers actually refers to the signal sent out across the network to another computer, and this other computer then sends its own signal back, which is another ping.

  • What is considered a high ping in gaming?

  • In fact, a ping of 150ms or more is regarded as high ping, while below 20ms is viewed as low ping. What is a good ping? Well, the ping level can be categorized according to the ping response time.

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