what does od mean in gaming

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OD orOverdose is another term for OP or Over Powered. It鈥檚 generally used in fighting games or similar esports events to describe a powerful attack or player move that is perhaps too much, too cool, or just game-breakingly good. Do You Know These Words?

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  • What does od mean?

  • can be used as meaning of overdosage, usually with drugs. now though in many urban areas od is now a term used when someone does something accessivly. Get a OD mug for your papa Jerry.

  • What does 鈥渙p鈥?mean in gaming?

  • One of the terms frequently thrown around is 鈥淥P,鈥?which stands for overpowered. The dictionary meaning of overpower is 鈥渄efeat or overcome with superior strength.鈥?But in most gaming-related scenarios, it鈥檚 used in a completely different way. OP is generally used as an adjective.

  • Are all ODS deadly?

  • NOT ALL ODS ARE FATAL. In fact most aren’t. That’s a common misunderstanding. In a popular slang context, especially in an urban/hip hop setting, OD means to do something to EXTREMES. In other words, to go crazy with something.

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