what does nt mean in gaming

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Nice try

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  • What does NT mean?

  • NT is an acronym that stands for Nice try, which is typically seen when gaming online. It may be used sincerely or sarcastically to congratulate a person on a failed attempt. In gaming, you may see the acronym to taunt a player who tried to take your base or encourage a teammate who died fighting an enemy.

  • What does 鈥淕G鈥?and 鈥淣T鈥?mean in League of Legends?

  • While 鈥済g鈥?is saved for the end of a match, in-between rounds you鈥檒l often see the in-game chat fill up with toxicity, anger, jokes, memes, and everything in between. But there will also likely be a few mentions of something called 鈥渘t鈥?as well.

  • What does 鈥淣T鈥?mean in valorant?

  • In VALORANT, or any multiplayer game, 鈥渘t鈥?stands for 鈥渘ice try.鈥?This will often be posted in the in-game chat by players after someone on their team comes close to clutching up a round but fails in the end.

  • What is the meaning of NT and Nice Try?

  • NT most commonly means No Thanks. No Thanks is by the far the most common meaning for NT. Next Time (meaning you’ll do something on another occasion) is also fairly common. Nice Try is the least common of the three meanings. It is a response to discovering that someone is trying to catch you out.

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