what does nerfing mean in gaming

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Nerfing is theaction in which a gamer reconfigures his or her character or weapon to make it less powerful. Most gamers do this to have fair play,especially if a person is already a pro gamer playing with new gamers.

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  • What is a NERF in gaming?

  • A NERF is a change made to a game that is intended to weaken a particular item, tactic, ability or character. NERFs are usually applied by game developers for balancing purposes.

  • Why is it called nerfing?

  • The term nerfing comes from the online gaming world of Ultima Online. At one point in the game, the developers reduced the power of swords in melee combat. This resulted in players complaining that it was like they were hitting each other with nerf bats, not swords.

  • Why do people care about nerfs?

  • In this way nerfs also give control to the developer of how the players play the game. i.e. nerfing a commonly used item to discourage the community from playing with it. Some nerfs can be so drastic they change the very fundamentals of the game, and are often a contributing factor to the size of the playerbase, for good or bad.

  • What is the opposite of Nerf?

  • The term is also used as a verb for the act of making such a change.The opposite of nerf is buff (in one of that term’s two usages).

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