what does meta stand for in gaming

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鈥渕ost effective tactics available

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  • What does meta mean in RPG games?

  • The definition of Meta varies between gaming genres and games. In the RPG genre, meta mostly refers to metagaming or power gaming but has less to do with the most effective tactic available to win a game. So, what is metagaming and power gaming?

  • What does meta mean?

  • 1 meaning of METAabbreviation related to Gaming: Gaming Gaming Gaming Medical Technology Business Education 1/ 10 Sort Sort Rating A-Z Short first Long first META Gaming Abbreviation 1 META Most effective tactic availablerecent Suggest to this list Related acronyms and abbreviations Abbr. Meaning GF Good Fight Slang, Internet, Internet Jargon

  • What is Metagaming in gaming?

  • When playing a game, adjusting your character鈥檚 skills and using the environment equipment to your advantage is one thing, but metagaming is another. The term meta in gaming is thrown around regularly nowadays.

  • What is a meta slave in gaming?

  • 鈥淢eta slave鈥?is a popular term that typically refers to a player who will only follow the meta, resulting in them playing the exact same thing the exact same way. 鈥淢eta abuser鈥?is similar to this term, but is used as a form of an insult or trash talk.

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