what does fps mean in gaming

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Frames per Second

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  • What does 鈥淔PS鈥?mean?

  • FPS stands for Frames Per Second. What does it ACTUALLY mean for your gaming experience? What FPS should you aim for and how can you get it? Here’s a guide. In-game, FPS constitutes as to how many frames (images) your monitor is displaying each second. The higher the FPS, the smoother and more responsive the game will seem.

  • What does low FPS mean in gaming?

  • In contrast, low FPS will make it appear as though the game is stuttering and will, by extension, make it more difficult and far less enjoyable to play. If you are new to gaming, be it on PC, on a console, or both, then you are bound to have already heard or seen the acronym 鈥淔PS鈥?used in games and hardware discussions.

  • What are some examples of FPS games?

  • A few examples of popular or well-known FPS games are BioShock Infinite, the Call of Duty Games, Overwatch, and pretty much every Doom game. Funny enough, some believe that, in order to be better in FPS games, you need to have high FPS to help your aim.

  • What is fps (frames per second)?

  • Frames Per Second or FPS is the rate at which back to back images called frames appear in a display and form moving imagery. Hate to break it to you, but, the video content that we consume daily isn鈥檛 moving.

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