what does ez mean in gaming

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  • What does ez mean in English?

  • EZ means Easy. The abbreviation EZ is widely used with the meaning Easy. It is particularly popular in online gaming, where it is often used derogatorily, indicating that a player felt that the opposition isn’t or wasn’t any competition.

  • What is ez win?

  • ez is used when someone, preferably a gamer, wins a game or gets a kill . In games with a chat, the person usually types ez which means easy. Random Guy: EZ WIN! Get a ez mug for your guy Zora. This is basically what anyone says after killing you easily in some stupid hood game in Roblox, and if they get mad, they say it back.

  • What does’GG ez’mean?

  • GG EZ implies the enemy team was a band of pushovers who didn’t even try to win or were really bad. It’s extremely frustrating to see it in chat when you’ve lost the match. Looking for a working online signature generator ….. I don’t say anything.

  • What does GG ez mean?

  • – Pompeii The nature of discussion is trial ballooning. GG EZ is like saying No offence followed by something that’s obviously offensive. It’s like No offence, but you’re shit at the game lol

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