what does dlc stand for in gaming

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downloadable content

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  • What is DLC in video games?

  • DLC is sold exclusively by a game’s publisher in digital format. It tends to be tied to the individual customer’s console or account, which means DLC can’t be resold or traded like physical game discs. A similar concept to DLC is disc-locked content, which must be activated through an online service.

  • What does DLC stand for in auto insurance?

  • According to The Free Dictionary, the acronym DLC can be used to mean much more than just downloadable content. This acronym has a plethora of other less common meanings which are listed below. These various terms have related information to anything from insurance companies to automobiles.

  • How do I get a custom DLC for a game?

  • DLC can be distributed online within the game or via a gaming platform, such as Steam or the Playstation Store. Sometimes, it might be free. Other times, you might have to purchase it separately, or it might be included in bundles that come with the base game.

  • What does DLC mean in family Tech?

  • Family Tech. The Ultimate Guide to Parental Controls. What is DLC? Downloadable content, or DLC, is what gamers call extra content players can download after purchasing a video game. While some DLC is offered for free, players typically must pay additional fees to unlock new content.

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